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Le Docteur Munzert, détenu dans un institut psychiatrique contre sa volonté et drogué pour l'empêcher de prendre la parole au sujet des micro-ondes et des armes électromagnétiques à une conférence aux USA !!

Le Docteur Munzert vient d'être libéré grâce à votre soutient et vos messages aux différentes autorités  11/09/02
Remerciements et communiqué du Docteur Munzert du 11 septembre 2002
Courte biographie du Docteur MUNSERT
Rapport du Docteur MUNSERT (en anglais) du 6 septembre 2002
Scandal: inconvenient German scientist was brought against his will in a mental institution 05/09/02
Bad message from Dr. Munzert 06/09/02
Can you give please a solidarity address to our friend Dr. Munzert in Germany 07/09/02
Remerciements pour le soutien daté du 8 septembre 2002
Photo du journal Bild Nurnberg (l'ouverture de la photo peut prendre un certain temps!!)

Scandal: inconvenient German scientist was brought against his will in a mental institution 05/09/02

Dear Sir, Madam, Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,

Dr. Munzert was about to held a lecture in the USA about microwave ovens, used as weapons. Dr. Munzert was brought in the midst of august this year against his will in the psychiatry of the town Erlangen in Germany. There he should be forced to take against his will psychotropic drugs. He refused and is now the 21. day in hunger strike. It seems, that therefore he will not be able to hold his lecture as scheduled on September 6. He was brought in a mental institution, to his own mental welfare, as a expert said, because he claimed to hear the buzzing of microwave radiation (for many people nothing special, this is a well known fact!). This would be is a delusion, and the expert argued further, that the statement, the radiation of microwave ovens could be used as weapons (also nothing special for the "knowers"), would be part of a illusion system. The belief of Dr. Munzert to speak about this issues at a congress in the USA, was called schizophrenic megalomania by the expert. As you see below, it was definitely in no way a schizophrenic megalomania: 

W8: Electromagnetic Terrorism: Offense and Defense for the Info Warrior Chet Uber, Senior Advisor,  Security Posture; Ed Pevler, CEO, Texas Engineering Solutions; Dr. Reinhard Munzert, Scientist and Lecturer, University of Erlangen-Nuremburg, Germany

"In this one-day workshop you will cover the basics of electromagnetic weaponry, including how these devices work, why they work, their potential vulnerabilities and the real risks associated with them. You will determine who can acquire and/or build these technologies, and look at home-brew weapons through DEW-level technologies. You will take a hard look at how EMF applies to modern warfare, terrorism and counter-terrorism, defensive and warning systems, and the future of information warfare as we know it. You will also investigate the use of directed energy weapons for military and terrorist activities. You will find out how they can make possible the "perfect crime," hear first hand actual crimes that were committed using these weapons, and examine ways to detect and protect against them. You will witness the detonation of a suitcase-sized, high-powered transient electromagnetic device and measure its effects at various distances throughout the demo area.

Because of the nature of the workshop demonstrations, please avoid this session if you have a pacemaker or other implanted electromechanical health devices. You should not bring PDAs, cell phones, or laptops to this workshop."

From the Homepage ,taken before two days, now altered.

You can point out now your own conclusion, why Dr. Munzert was hindered to hold his lecture at the scheduled workshop. By the way, in the meantime the scheduled date of the workshop on September 6. was axed, because it was foreseeable, that Dr. Munzert should and could not be able to hold his lecture there.

We have the allowance from Dr. Munzert (under the condition: "Copyright Dr. Munzert, 2002") to present the scientific world his research, which you can see attached. Please arise your voice against this unbelievable attack against the freedom of speech and science. We live (hopefully) in a Free World and not in the time of the Cold War and Archipel Gulag, where this things happened nearly every day, or??? 

Best regards,
Klaus Rudolph
Citizens' Initiative Omega
Short biography: Dr. Reinhard Munzert

Scientist (3 books, about 100 published articles). Former lecturer at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (Germany) and German Sports University in Cologne (Germany). Speaking experience: more than 50 lectures on different topics. Head of the Academy of Chess and Science in Baden-Baden (Germany). Working independent in the field of innovations. Through contact with microwave crimes special activities in homeland security.

Targeting the Human with

Directed Energy Weapons

W 8

Dr. Reinhard Munzert


New arms threaten and destroy lives in strange ways. Directed energy weapons are among the high-tech arms of the century. They hurt and kill with electromagnetic power. Microwave weapons can be aimed at computers, electronical devices and persons. They have strong physical and psychological effects and can be used for military and terrorist activities. These weapons are also part of crimes (in Europe) that almost nobody knows except the victims and the offenders. Until now they make the perfect crime possible. No doubt, these weapons have a terrible future.

Key Points

  • Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)
  • DEW and Crime
  • Perfect Crime?
  • DEW and Terrorism

Topic 1

  • Manipulated Microwave Oven
  • Magnetrons and Generators
  • Intelligent Antenna Systems

Topic 2

  • Anti-Electronics Weapon
  • Anti-Personnel Weapon
  • Psychological Effects

Topic 3

  • DEW and Crime
  • License to Kill
  • Perfect Crime
  • Mental Strength & Fighting Back

Topic 4

  • DEW as Terrorist Weapon
  • Unseen Terror Attack
  • Prevention and Protection


  • New Threats and Dangers
  • Crime and Terrorism
  • Recognizing and Knowing
  • Prevention and Elimination
  • Future Weapon! -Terrible Future?


There is a new, effective weapon for criminals and terrorists. Law-breakers often misuse modern technology. Through the illegal usage of innovative high-tech weapons, people are not "shot", rather their living quarters are bathed in (high frequency) electromagnetic waves for a length of time. Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) are mostly intended for military purposes (U.S. Air Force, Russian and Chinese armies). High-tech company Raytheon states about DEW: "We believe they are a critical element of how ultimately wars will be fought. HPM (High power microwaves) is the most mature right now" (in Fulghum & Wall 2002).

The renowned German newspaper "DIE WELT" acknowledges microwave weapons as arms of the 21st century. In another German newspaper, Süddeutsche Zeitung, a weapons expert has recommended the police to procure microwave (MW) weapons for police use. Considering what certain criminals know about MW weapons, they have a significant advantage over the police until now. This puts the victims in extreme danger.

A primitive variation of a MW weapon would look like this: A microwave oven from the kitchen with the protective shielding removed from the door and replaced by a metal funnel. And then the waves can get through walls (Pictures 1, 2, 3).

The effects of the MW beam on the victims include extreme weariness, headache, irregular heartbeat, diarrhea, painful testis, damaged nervous system and internal organs, burned skin and eye damage. Later effects include blindness, heart attack, stroke and cancer. In the last months by some victims, cancerous tumors have been diagnosed.

In addition to that, victims (through intrigue and defamation) are seen as psychotic and dangerous; thus, they are completely helpless. At the same time, the new weapons (for certain contractors) are tested under ordinary circumstances and constantly improved.

HPM crimes are a new kind of crime with some very new characteristics. The International Union of Radio Science emphasizes in a resolution of 1999 on Criminal Activities using Electromagnetic Tools: "The fact that criminal activities using electromagnetic tools can be undertaken covertly and anonymously and that physical boundaries such as fences and walls can be penetraded by electromagnetic fields."

Expert Pevler stresses: "The development of high-power microwave (HPM) weaponry, and its proliferation into subversive organizations, offers the means to commit the 'perfect crime'. HPM attacks typically leave no residual evidence and their effects can range from nuisance to catastrophic" (1997).

The HPM-weapons that the high-tech gang uses supply continous or pulsed waves over long periods of time - especially in the night - from cars or vans or buildings around the target/person(s). They use magnetrons, microwave-generators, amplifiers, integrated systems. In addition they apply through wall imaging methods. There are already over 40 known victims in Germany, some of them even have been attacked while in hospital. But the police doesn't understand these new weapons.

Besides this the criminals use tactics of information warfare: Know all about the victims, let them know nothing about you, information dominance, disrupt the communication systems of the victims.

The criminal network has at its deposal plentiful first class technical know-how and high quality equipment. That assures high efficiency and precision strikes and enables to operate from cars or vans. The MW generators/transmitters can be camouflaged in an attaché case or hidden in a small suitcase.

Only through cooperative work between electronic specialists and physicists have we been able to shine a revealing light on this special high-tech criminal activity. For experts: The (pulsed) waves of two or more transmitters [MW generators] interfere in the target zone, and through that, strengthen their effects. There are also parabolic antennas modified to transmitters. Besides this, intelligent (adaptive) antenna systems (numerous small transmitters connected, instead of few large ones; for example hidden in parked cars) will be used. Sometimes frequency hopping is employed. These methods work over several hundred feet, if everything is well adjusted.

We could find out where (electronic) components for highly potent MW weapons or whole systems (pictures 4, 5, 6) can be bought legally.

The criminals follow a double strategy: One way the victims are weakened, injured, tortured and intimidated. On the other side, the victims experience extreme, unbelievable things; almost no one can believe their reports. Most interpret the information from the victims as chimerical thinking. Some experts who work for the German Army or Nato know very well about MW weapons, but secrecy keeps them from talking too much about in public.

In several German cities there are complaints of serious physical injury. One attorney represents the interests of many victims. About 40 victims have built a community of interests. We are aware of many cases with amazing similarities that have been reported in the last few months. We have names and addresses of many victims and the cirumstances of the cases. We also have the names and addresses of some perpetrators.

In some cases, the lifestyles of the criminals are well known to us. Similar to terrorists, many pretend good citizenship or student lifestyles to cover their crimes. Conventional criminal activities, (i.e. burglary) are undertaken by normal gangsters or former members of the Stasi (which was the secret service of former GDR). In this network, they have division of labor and a support structure that includes foreigners as well.

Terrorists could use MW as anti-electronics weapons too. With HP microwaves, they can attack the electronics of computers, cars, airplanes and so on successfully [see the other papers of the Workshop W8]. They can use microwave weapons (radio frequency weapons) to damage electronic systems in an unseen attack with all those bad consequencies.

Additional points to be covered in the workshop: Detection of microwaves and protection against attacks.

All that has nothing to do with MW beam fright, but is criminal high-tech forced on the people. It is frightening that these weapons are being increasingly used by criminals and terrorists.


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July, 2002
Dr. Reinhard Munzert, Germany, Erlangen

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Pictures 1
Pictures 2
Pictures 3
Pictures 4
Pictures 5
Pictures 6
Pictures 7
Pictures 8

© Dr. Munzert 2002


Bad message from Dr. Munzert 06/09/02

Dear Sir, Madam, Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,

for your information.

Best regards,
Klaus Rudolph
Citizens' Initiative Omega

Bad message from Dr. Munzert: instead of  being more cautious after the public attention, as it was hoped, one has tried today to give him a shot with psychotropic drugs. He is since 22 days in hunger strike, that means thit could be even very dangerous. One brought him in a room with a table to strap him down and there stood 2 physicians, 4 male-nurse and a nurse  around him with threateningly mien and blackmailed him to end his hunger strike and take psychotropic drugs voluntarily, otherwise they would shot him with psychotropic drugs and give him total parenteral nutrition. So he does eat something today. Prof. Schneider (the leader of the clinic) is simple gone in holidays. They think in the clinic the interest has decreased and no one cares on the weekend for the case of Dr. Munzert. I believe it is very important to make even more noise, to make the people there quite clear, that they have to reckon with considerable legal actions, because of  deprivation of liberty and so on. Dr. Munzert said also, that from time to time the phone for patients is put down. I beg all to make much noise, to phone, to send mails, reports to the news and TV and so on. Dr. Munzert said he feels like in a Soviet Stalag.

Telefon / phone Dr. Munzert in the clinical center 004991317532838
Klinikum (clinical center) am Europakanal
Europakanal 71
D-91056 Erlangen
Zentrale: 00499131/7530


Werner Althoff, Richter (judge) am Amtsgericht (local court) Erlangen,
Mozartstraße 23

D-91052 Erlangen
Telefon 00499131-782 01
FAX 00499131-782 105

Psychiater (psychiatrist) und Oberarzt (assistant medical director) am
Klinikum  Nürnberg:

Dr. W. Braunwarth
Klinikum Nürnberg Nord,
D-90419 Nürnberg,


Can you give please a solidarity address to our friend Dr. Munzert in Germany 07/09/02

Dear Sir, Madam, Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,

for your information.

Best regards,
Klaus Rudolph
Citizens' Initiative Omega

Can you give please a solidarity address to our friend Dr. Munzert in Germany. He is in psychiatric prison and needs your help with mails to the clinic in Erlangen. The politics didn't want him to speak about microwaves in the congress InfowarCon 2002 .

If you can read german language:
the full story was written
psychiatric doc:
Knut W. Schlanert <>


Remerciements pour le soutien daté du 8 septembre 2002

Dear Sir, Madam, Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,

Thank you very much for your support for Dr. Munzert so far. He is glad
to hear, that he has so much friends around the world and he is very
grateful for what you are doing. Please support Dr. Munzert further on
with this signature action to the Minister of Justice in Bavaria: .

We will keep you informed about the case of Dr. Munzert.

Best for you and thank you once again very much in the name of Dr.

Klaus Rudolph
Citizens' Initiative Omega


11 septembre 2002 "libération du Docteur Munzert"
Dear Sir, Madam, Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,

For me the best message I can give you today. Dr. Munzert called me from his home. He is free from his prison. He is so very grateful for the help he got from around the whole word. He says a big thank to all of you that helped. He will address you in a special message in the next time

Best regards and be happy today,
Klaus Rudolph
Citizens' Initiative Omega

Remerciements et communiqué du Docteur Munzert du 11 septembre 2002

Dear Sir, Madam, Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,
for your information.
Best regards,
Klaus Rudolph
Citizens' Initiative Omega

Ich bin wieder in Freiheit - Herzlichen Dank für die Unterstützung!

Heute, 10.9.02, wurde ich aus der geschlossenen Abteilung der Psychiatrie des Klinikums am Europakanal (Erlangen) entlassen. Die große Solidarität und Unterstützung, die ich von außen erfahren habe, waren hierzu ein wichtiger Faktor. Allen denen, die mich unterstützt haben, danke ich von Herzen für die ermutigenden Anrufe und Briefe, die Internetbeiträge, die eingebrachten Beweise für Mikrowellenwaffen und -verbrechen, die Fragen an die Verantwortlichen, die Suche nach der Wahrheit, die konstruktive Kritik, die Unterschriftenlisten, die guten Wünsche und Gebete! Es geht weiter: die Wahrheit über Mikrowellenverbrechen wird herauskommen. Den Opfern muss endlich geholfen werden! Es darf keinen Missbrauch der Psychiatrie mehr geben!

Übrigens, man gab mir die Diagnose "paranoide Psychose", natürlich ohne jeglichen Beweis und unter Missachtung zahlreicher Fakten und handfester
Gegenbeweise. Es ist einfach, die Fehldiagnose aufzuzeigen.

Jetzt muss weiteres Unrecht verhindert werden. Gemeinsam sind wir stark!

I'm free again - Many thanks for your important support! The truth about microwave crimes and the misuse of psychiatry will be public. The victims need help! We have to go on! Together we are strong!

Dr. Reinhard Munzert
Rennesstr. 40;  D-91054 Erlangen
Tel./Phone: ++49 (0)911/5187681